Welcome to the FarmSense Demo platform . We will be launching March 1st, 2019

Wondering what FarmSense is about?



There is a growing recognition of the importance of data in achieving sustainable development. Without accurate and reliable data from a variety of sources, analysing the needs of a State and assessing the best measures to ensure sustainable development will be extremely challenging. Population growth, high unemployment rates and diminishing land availability necessitate increasingly sophisticated mechanisms for analysing demographic conditions. In this context, the coalition of geospatial data to aid in social and economic planning for development and to help inform decision making that will increase opportunities for creating jobs and attracting investment is essential.

The FarmSense portal is an open source, public data repository for agricultural related geospatal reference datasets. Which was established to help meet the need of data for improved decision making. FarmSense understands the relevant of accurate, complete and timely information and its essentiallity to the industry’s decisions makers at various levels and improve quality research.

Project Goals

The project aim to establish a web platform that provides access to open data and information on farms and farmers activities in Akure (North/South) and Okitipupa LGAs of Ondo State.


  • Increased access of the government and other Agricultural stakeholders to 'open data' on farms and farmers information in Akure (North/South) and Okitupupa LGAs of Ondo state.

  • Reduced frustration in accessing data on farms and farmers information in Akure by the government and Agricultural stakeholders for planning and decison making purposes.

  • Improved access to standardized educative resources for student, innovators, and youths who have little or no knownledge of agriculture and farming

  • Improved the quality of road data and point of interest (POI). To help facilitate decision making.

  • Use case of FarmSense Technology

    Agri-Tech and Agri-Business

    FarmaSense, solves the the problem of farming. Which have gradually moved from what to produce to getting a right market to what has been produced. Smallholder farmers who produce mosth of the world’s food are often the poorest and most malnourished amongst the population. However, Our FarmaSense solution changes this!

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